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Age:17+ years old
DOB:11 july 1990
School: Nanyang(ps0701)

her wish

brown tanktop
white tanktop
plain white tee shirt

black long cardigan
the i.p white jacket

greyish black new future jeans
white short new future jeans
new furture jeans half shorts

covered short heels(nt veri high)
non covered heels(nt veri high)

Freshkon alluring eyes(black)
grow hair till waist
dye n highlight a new colour

a 160gb hard disk
creative web cam
a better ear piece

a big bao bao fer study use
get my current study table fixed

a new labcoat
new lanyard

overseas trip wif frens
save more money
a new necklace
get into P.T track
get a deck of tarot cards
learn how to play tarot cards~
THE BOOKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
the dogs soft toy



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Friday, April 18, 2008

my new blog is add www.ever-ling.blogspot.com ...

11:02 PM

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

gonna close down my blog..cos of some ppl who r juz so irrational n childlish and have too much time around..


10:29 PM

todae is stock take dae..during lunch break we all go out n eat together..was rare chance...lunch was ex..i tink maybe 10+ per person?..but all is manager treat..woo..haha..

after tat dunnoe y went to walk fountain of wealth..haha..took some pic..cos was a rare chance..

*walking towards middle(fountain).*

*turn turn turn..walk around*

time to head back le~

after stock take,abt 4.30...we r off..went to watch rule no 1 again n walk around...saw tis shop selling doggie pram..but wat im interested was the dog nt the pram..haix..but they sae nt fer sales..

veri sad..i hope i can find it one dae...

12:59 AM

Saturday, March 29, 2008

hehehe..todae went to buy a webcammie..but wats wrong wif my pay??...gonna eat maggie everydae le??...

and when i came back hm, i saw a wolf~~~and i took his pic~~...

c the big bad wolf!!

8:06 PM

todae gt a customer...she veri wat de loh...ask mi take 5 iphone case to let her c..den all open...after tat she sae wat tis nt nice..tis cnt..den she go look ad ipod touch cases..i told her cnt put de loh..too big le..den she still sae wat the other shop sae can..fine..i have enough..i went out..den when i came back she ask jun to open 6..SIX cases of ipod touch..den try to put her stupid dumb iphone in, which is impossible..den in the end?..she nv buy anithing..kns..

12:13 AM

Thursday, March 27, 2008

hehe..todae went out n watch rule no 1(rule #1)..its a old show..abt to nt showing ani more..but its damn nice de loh...scare mi lyk siao..imagine when i watch alone,n alot more horror movie normally, den fer tis show i need to cover my eyes lyk janella..tis show how scary it is..one of my top ranked horror movie..

before the movie i went to c shoe..omg..all veri nice..but cnt cnt cnt..cnt buy...uguu..no buy no buy stupid evelyn..

10:58 PM

yeah~...gt my books le...they r fast de loh...



if u dare to put mi aeroplane u r DEAD!!!!!!!!
no excuses..i told u long ago..
and i saed:NO EXCUSES!!!!!!!!!

9:24 PM